What is happening with classes during the Covid 19 crisis?

My classes are being run online during this period – all you need is a laptop or tablet (or phone) and a stable internet connection.  If interested please contact me via Facebook or send an e mail to corriannemercer@gmail.com

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself – wear comfortable clothes you can stretch and move in and yoga practice is usually done barefoot. We provide mats and blocks although after some time students often prefer to purchase their own mats from an external retailer, so they can also practice at home between classes. (not compulsory 😀)

Do I need to do any preparation for the class?

Whilst there is no particular preparation to make, you should try not to eat a large meal before class, although having something small, perhaps an hour or more before class is advised. Also, you should ensure you are well hydrated.

I’m not very flexible so is there any point in me coming to the classes?

Classes are designed to improve balance, strength and flexibility. Every body is different and every yoga student will begin with different levels of balance, strength and flexibility, so it is important not to compare yourself to others but to concentrate on you and your own body. Over time you will see physical improvements in all aspects of your practice.

This isn’t a question but I know nothing about yoga so am a bit worried about coming to your classes. 

Please don’t be worried about coming to a yoga class – everyone has to start somewhere. You may find that coming to an Absolute Beginners class may suit you best as all the students will be starting from the same point, however, if none of those suit then please do feel free to come along to one of the drop in classes to give it a go. There are a mixture of abilities who come along to these classes and everyone is encouraged to practice at their own pace and you will be given plenty of guidance.

If you have any other questions which are not answered here then please feel free to contact us here or through our facebook page