Golden yogis – yoga for the over 50’s

Although I ‘found’ yoga (or it found me, not sure which) in my 40s, it wasn’t until I hit the big 5 – 0  that it really began to figure large in my daily life. It helped me recover  from some health issues and has helped me to find flexibility and strength that I never thought I could regain.

Whilst yoga is on the rise for all ages, a quick glance at Instagram would lead you to believe that to practice yoga you have to have impossibly long limbs, encased in colourful lycra and must place these limbs in convoluted shapes, against a backdrop of azure blue seas and golden sand. But, this is not so!

I am testament to that as I can assure you my limbs are far from long (some would say a little truncated, in fact) and there is not often any ‘azure’ in my backdrops, as NI has a bit more grey in its skies than any country has a need for; but despite this my yoga is as important and effective for me as it is for the Instagram yogis. And so it seems to be for a growing number of more mature people.

Check out this article to find out more about how it can help make the ageing process a positive one, and while you’re at it – check out these yogis in their 90s!



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