MMyoga is in Bangor

MMYoga is based in Bangor, Co Down offering Mindful Meditation workshops and yoga classes, catering predominantly for beginners to yoga.

We offer both drop in classes as well as short 6 week courses for the absolute beginner, so if you have always wanted to try yoga, but find it daunting to think  of going into a yoga studio where everyone knows what they are doing and seem able to bend themselves into ever convoluted shapes,  then this is the place for you.

Offering an environment where everyone is starting from a zero-knowledge basis, the Absolute Beginners classes are ideal for getting you started on your yoga journey; however if these dates don’t suit, then please don’t be put off from attending the drop in classes instead, as you will be given clear instruction and support at all classes

The weekly class schedule is being added to, all the time, and will be amended according to demand…….so if there is a time of day, or type of class which you would really like to see on the schedule then please contact us and let us know.

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